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Features of the museum

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The first excavation site of the prehistoric era on the southern part of the peninsula

The historic site of seokjangni was excavated in 1964. Geumgang River flows in front of the site and the bedrock is mica schist of the Precambrian era with granite and porphyry intruded. Twelve rounds of examination running from 1964 to 1992 found that the site has twelve layers covering from the Pre-Paleolithic Age to the Middle Paleolithic Age

Centering role for the research of the prehistoric era

Sohn, Bo-gi, then Yonsei University Professor, led the study of the prehistory of the peninsula. Dr. Sohn and other researchers used charcoal particles, soil, pollen, and radiocarbon analysis to look into the climate and the environment of that period. A lot experts participated in the excavation:Lee, Yoong-jo, since 1964, now Prof. of Chungbuk National University, Choi, Bok-gyu, since 1964, Prof. of Gangwon National University, and Park, Hee-yeon, since 1969, Prof. of University of Seoul.

The first museum devoted to the prehistoric era

The Museum of seokjangni is the first specialized museum for the prehistoric period in Korea along with the Site of Zhoukoudian in China, and the Iwajuku site in Gunma Prefecture Japan. We will be engaged in a variety of international meetings as well as exhibition exchanges.